Saturday, December 5, 2020

Stepford video productions : The dairy farm

Stepford farm, an institution located in the countryside, supplies the local town with a high quality, very fresh and rather unique dairy product..

When the production starts dropping, the farmer has to find a solution fast......

You can watch the full video here THE FARM

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Stepford video productions present : Oven Roasted

In the Stepford Diner, meat comes so fresh from the oven, you might even think it is still wiggling.
But don't worry, that is just the steam rising, and bringing that mouth watering aroma.

You can watch the full video here : OVEN ROASTED

Stepford video productions present : The farmer

Sadie is too curious !
When she stops at the farm, can't find the farmer and sees the trap-door leading to the basement, she just can't resist.
From her car, which she secretly nicknamed "The mystery machine", she grabs a flashlight and climbs down to explore.
They say curiosity killed the cat....

You can watch the full video here : THE FARMER

Stepford video productions present : The Brothel

Emilie is the Stepford brothel Madame. Her job is just to manage the girls and see that all the customers wishes are satisfied.
She is confident, proud and happy with her position.
Once in a while she will take care of a customer, but it is not really her job. She sees it as beneath her.
So when this weird guy showed up at closing time, she saw it as a minor inconvenience and never expected it to end like that...

You can watch the full video here : THE BROTHEL

Monday, August 24, 2020

Stepford video productions : The Minotaur

The tunnels under the town form a complex labyrinth where you can easily get lost.

Once in a while women diseapear, some crazy rumors have been heard about flesh eating monsters.

Of course everyone knows monsters don't exist... right ?

You can watch the full video here : THE MINOTAUR

Stepford video productions updates

Two years ago I started making videos in second life.
I posted a few on our blog but we soon found out that we couldn't afford the bandwith used on the amazon cloud where they were stored.
The only viable solution I found was hosting them on
So I made a few more videos, uploaded them there and totally forgot to advertise them on the town blog.
I will make a few posts with some preview pictures and a link to see the video directly on motherless.
Enjoy !

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Bastille Day 2020

Every year Stepford celebrates the French revolution with a party in "La Bastille".
Every year, a lot of heads roll.
As usual the party was a lot of fun , Guni played us some great music while our executioners were shortening aristocrats...
A special thanks to our master executioner Tzig "the machine" who spent 6 hours or more killing everyone he could get his bloodied hands on..