Sunday, April 26, 2015

Kill'em all !!

When it comes to executions, There is many more then just one way to die in Stepford.
The Axe is always a classic, swift and painless (moderately painless anyway) it provides the added benefit of a nice trophy for mounting after.
The gallows are probably the most popular, easy to use and less bloody, you can dispatch a few girls without breaking a sweat.
If you don't go for the long fall and break the victim neck, you can have some fun watching them fight for air.

Of course you are not limited to those two, In stepford you can also crucify, electrocute, shoot, garrote.... The possibilities are endless.

New Dance or Die Game in the Pig!

The dance pads in the Pig bar have been "enhanced" with a new game and as with most games in Stepford, this one has serious consequences for the player.

The player starts dancing on the pad (or can be RLV Captured there) The game starts when one of the new buttons connected to the pads is pressed. From that point on the player is RLV locked in for 60 minutes. Each time the button is pressed, she is one step closer to becoming a spit-roast. To give her a fighting chance, the button must be pressed by a different person each time. If the button is pressed a total of 10 times before the 60 minutes runs out: she gets roasted.

At each step of along the way things get progressively worse for the player:

After 3 presses, she looses her clothes

At 4 the fire-pit opens

With the 5th, 6th, and 7th presses the fire slowly builds to cooking temperature.

On the 8th press the spit appears, she is tied and left waiting.

It takes 10 presses, but if things go that far, she rides the spit.