Monday, October 31, 2011

Stepford Halloween Party

This year we decided to do a little Club X like party in the town cabaret.
Every girl had to put her name in a tophat upon entering the cabaret.
During the evening the Host was calling for games and the names of the players were drawed from the hat.
Then the girls played for their life, the looser of each game was executed in various ways.
We played run the bottle, strip poker, tug of war and a few others.
Three girls were also randomly selected and delivered to our chefs , Nora and Will who spitted and roasted them to feed the guests.
Then at the end of the party two more girls were selected to supply the meat for the team and the remaining guests.
It was a great party, going on for 5 hours, at some point we had more than 30 guests in the cabaret.
Thank you all for coming it was a load of fun !!!