The MMM, the mother of all roasters

After building Dolcett devices for 3 years one can't help but to refine what is possible. The time is finally here to unveil the "MMM" roaster (Multipurpose Multiperson Multi cooker) now taking center stage in the Stepford Diner.
This device is jam packed with every bell, whistle, and BBQ sauce dripping gizmo we could cram into it. It features all of the following:
- 16 different configurations including 1,2,3,4 and 6 girl cookers auto-rezzing from a pictorial control menu
- Spitted, Oven, Tied, Boilers, Vertical, and caged configurations
- Manual and Automatic basting
- Squirming anims not just poses
- Hands out attachments for bindings, garnish, cooked skins, and more when required
- Incremental fire, rotation, and control over squirming and dead amins
- Automatic animation changes over time
- Viewer 2 compatible flickering textured lighting

In short, there is too much to describe in words... So we thought it best just to show you.

The Snapshot below shows the main configuration control panel.

To choose the configuration of the roaster click the pictoral icon from the selection panel to the left of the device.
The selected configuration will replace whatever is currently rezzed.

For each configuration see the corresponding example photo and description to understand how it works.
The control panel to the right of the roaster allows you to control the device as follows:

Click rotation + or - to speed up or slow down the rotation for configurations with rotating parts
Click Fire + or - to increase or decrease the heat (flame size) for configurations with open flame
Click the Flame Cycle button to select the type of flame
Click Baste "M" to rez a manual basting ball for configurations that allow it.
Click Baste "A" to rez the auto-baster for configurations that have one.
Click "Stabalizer" to start the pumping dildo stabalizer where applicable
Click "Alive" or "Dead" to switch between the animations (Alive animations have squirming)
Boil-Her: 1 Girl, 4 Anims, 5 flame levels
Highlights: Single girl glass pot boiler featuring particle bubbles and attached vegetables that float around in the boiling water. She starts off squirming in the water and over time slows down until she finally stops moving.

Bake-Her: 1 Girl, 2 Anims, 5 flame levels
Highlights: Single girl, face down restrained to the oven trey with attached vegetables. Manually baste her when the oven door is open and use the sub-control panel to choose when to change to a still (deceased) pose from the squirming anim.

A-La-Carte: 1 Girl, 2 Anims, Special Controls
Highlights: This special roaster cooks only selected areas at a time. Choose left or right breast, tummy, rhump, and/or pussy and flame BBQ the selected spot using the special control panel. Hands out part-cooked skin overlays.

Three in a Row: 3 Girls, 1 Anim each
Highlights: Roast 3 girls at once on this vertical roaster and keep them in place with attached bindings and spikes. Manual basting for each position is also available.

Spit'n'Play: 1 Girl 2 Anims 8 flame levels, auto-baster
Highlights: A variation on the classic spit roast allowing the more enthusiastic meat girl to play with herself as long as she is able.

Head to Head: 2 Girls, 2 Anims each, 8 Flame Levels, auto-baster, pumping dildos
Highlights: Allows both girls to touch themselves as they gaze into each others eyes turning over the flames.

Triple Play: 3 Girls, 2 Anims each, 8 Flame Levels, auto baster
Highlights: Roast a trio in this caged configuration.Auto-baste all the girls at once and/or get hands on with a brush and sauce..

Caged: 1 Girl, 2 Anims, 8 Flame Levels
Highlights: Keep her alive as long as possible by chaining her inside this cage. This spit-less configuration will have her really squirming. Works with Lockguard cuffs for particle chains.

Bum Rub: 2 Girls, 2 Anims Each, 8 Flame Levels, Auto-baster, pumping dildos
Highlights: Great for roasting a couple, watch as the girls massage each-others rhumps while they roast - adds that little touch of extra tenderness to your dinner.

Double 69: 4 Girls, 2 Anims each, 8 Flame Levels, Auto-baster
Highlights: Almost an orgy over the fire, roast 4 girls at once spiked into 2 couples who can play as they cook.

Un-Spitted: 1 Girl, 2 Anims, 8 Flame Levels, Auto-Baster
Highlights: Another variation on the classic, She looks spitted, but really isn't. Hold her in place with mouth, pussy, and ass dildos as she squirms over the fire. Great for training or teasing because you can release her before its too late... or not.

Side by Side: 2 Girls, 2 Anims each, 8 Flame Levels, Auto-baster
Highlights: Why spit one girl when you can half spit two... then mount them side by side over the flames so they can truly experience a dual roast.

Three's Company: 3 Girls, 2 Anims each, 8 Flame Levels, Auto-baster
Highlights: No playing for these three ladies as they slowly bake, bound tightly and turning individually one direction, and as a group in the other.

Tied: 1 Girl, 2 Anims, 8 Flame Levels, Auto-baster
Highlights: Bind her tightly to the spit but keep her alive for the slow turn over the fire.

69: 2 Girls, 2 Anims each, 8 Flame Levels, Auto-baster
Highlights: An intimate way to go for a fun-loving pair. Held in place with spikes they can still pleasure each other until the end.

Spit-6: 6 Girls, 2 Anims each, 8 Flame Levels, Auto-baster
Highlights: Throwing a party, cook up half a dozen at a time with this dual-rotation roaster and gaze as six squirming beauties turn over the open flames.