Sunday, July 24, 2011

20,000 !!!

Friday we passed the 20,000 page views and so far we only got positive feedback.
Of course we were not sure many would have the interest in our work, yet 20,000 views in less than one month and a half, put our mind at ease; Woa !!!
To celebrate the event I have put together a little memorial and of course took a few pictures to share with you all.
I Want to thank again all our friends and the fine people of Stepford because really without your help the place would be long gone like so many others.
And for all the others, who came to check the blog because they saw posts about us in forums, thanks for all the nice comments, I promise there will be many more shoots and dolcett originals recreated in Second Life
Have fun people, in the end that's all that matters.....

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