Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stepford Got Talent : Louiselatex Malick

We have a lot of creative and talented people coming to Stepford.
In the last three years I have spent in Stepford I have met many amazing people; some of them whose work I knew before joining Second Life.
I wanted to use the opportunity I have with this blog to make some of those people's works available to all of you.
Today I present to you Louiselatex Malick, a sweet and shiny girl. She can usually be found hanging out at our Justice Center.
Ok i know it is a weak joke but it is late.


  1. I love her work! Glad I know her in SL...met her long after I first saw and admired her drawings on the web...

  2. I've been looking for this artist for a long time. I had seen some of her work many years ago, although under the name SarahLatex, so I don't know if someone was impersonating her at the time.