Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halloween mayhem (by Liqueur Felix)

This year for Halloween we did a "Skeletons take over Stepford" event.
All over the town we installed magic pumpkins and when girls sat on them, (none of the men dared !), they found themselves grabbed by skeletons and put in various Dolcett inspired poses.
Then they were suposed to snap a few pictures and send them to me to be added to the town blog.
I think I can safely say the response has been overwhelming !!!
My mailbox has been bombed with so many great pictures, I honestly have no idea which ones to choose and how to organize them.
We didn't even had time to take our own pictures...
I always took pride on how creative the stepfordians are, those skeletons certainly inspired them :)
Today, I can't resist showing you Liqueur's work, she used our skeletons and assembled some of the scenes into a halloween horror story.

Thanks everyone, you people are amazing !!!


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  2. fabulous, I love it! thanks for sharing

  3. Wow! These are incredible!
    -Harlequin Rhode

  4. It's a bit embarrasing, but I'm glad
    you enjoyed that last moment of
    the poor witch ...

    I imagined what I would feel if
    I smelled myself cooking when
    I took those photographs....
    thank you for watching !