Sunday, June 26, 2011

DIY 3D Viewer (Glasses)

So you need 3D glasses to enjoy the latest awesome images and either a) don't have any or b) can't find anywhere to get them, or c) are waiting for them to arrive in the mail and are just too impatient! You can build some yourself with some fairly easy-to-find materials that work quite well. We have 3 options that all work depending on what you can get a hold of:

You'll need:
1) red and blue felt markers

and either:
2) Acetate/transparency film (even a flat plastic part of some store packaging will work)
3) Safety glasses
4) a CD/DVD Jewel case

For 'anaglyph' 3D (red/blue) you need to cover your left eye with a red filter and your right eye with a blue/green one. To make a viewer all you need to do is completely cover the plastic with the appropriate colour of felt pen and then look through that.

Some tips:
  • The blue shown here is too dark a blue but it still works - because of this the images won't look perfect. Try to get some real 3D glasses when you can - they will look better.
  • Remember to draw on the side of the plastic pointing AWAY from your face or prepare for red and blue eyebrows.
  • Our safety glasses came with a protective film - leaving this on, we haven't actually ruined the glasses.


  1. I don't have red, can I use orange one?


  2. I know that Blue and Green are somewhat interchangeable on the right side but the left is usually red - It _might_ work - the best I can suggest is to try it - and see if it does. To some extent we are tricking our own eyes and brain with these things so it depends on the individual how well it works. Some people are "trained" enough to create 3D by just looking at 2 images side by side even - but most can't - the red and blue/green attempts to force the issue - so orange may or may not work.

    Try it and see - please let us know how it goes.

  3. Thanks for explanation Rosylnd.