Monday, June 13, 2011

Dolcett in a Box #1 : Family

   Almost 3 years ago when i joined second life, after seing a post about it on DGF, and going directly to Stepford, one of my first thought just after the "OMG they can really do that here ?" was "It would be so cool to recreate some of the original Dolcett drawing here". Then I did as most people do, started to jump from poseball to poseball, trying everything, building in second life seemed so difficult it was out of reach.    Now i am managing the Town and Stepford after rebuilding it entirely with the greatest team of builders anyone could hope for.
   So about 6 monthes ago when we realized one of us was really great at creating poses i decided to start this huge project of recreating as many of the drawings as possible. It started with just the poses in front of a white screen and then we kept adding things, decors, trying to create an ambiance fitting for the drawing.
   We called this project DIAB, "Dolcett in a Box" because we included each scene in reezers using a holodeck like technology. We intend to make those available for everyone in Stepford allowing you to take pictures of your avatars in the scenes. We wanted to keep those pictures private but ended up so happy with the results we decided to share them with you all.
   So here is a gift from the whole Stepford building team to all the Dolcett fans inworld or not.


  1. Wow! Great stuff. I'm happy and surprised that you were able to get these done. Nice job!

  2. This is one of my favorite Dolcett images. What a great job you've done with it. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. beautifully done! i hope one day i'll see 'volunteer pig' here... or better yet - experience it in Stepford

  4. OMG these are all so beautifully done... I want to give my thanks everyone responsible..