Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stepford Master Chef

On November the 23rd, Stepford's own Wendy (aka Wendy Meat™) organised the first ever Stepford Master Chef competition.
Based on entries received from many chefs the plan was to have 4 chefs compete on-stage in a game show format and in front of an audience. Each chef would prepare a girl. The winner to be selected based on the votes from the audience.
Being a fickle-lot only two chefs were brave enough to actually compete and in the end it was a head to head competition between chef Kabuki and chef Kathryn.

After a 'heated' competition, with no shortage of blood, sweat, and tears (the chefs worked hard too) Kathryn won.
It was all in good fun and both chefs did an amazing (and delicious) job.

You can see our winner receiving her prize from the hand of the host on the following pictures. We hope to see both (and others) compete again - better luck next time Chef Kabuki !!

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