Saturday, February 21, 2015

The wall of fame

The wall of fame is a great new addition to Stepford.

It's main purpose is to help people find play partners, but after monthes of work it is turning into a stepford who's who and family album.
It is located on the second floor of the "Squealing pig", the bar next to the beach.
The wall is divided into two sections "Meat" and "Cooks and chefs" on each pannel you can see a picture of a Stepford regular, if the picture is lit, it means the person is online, if you click on the picture you get a name with a link to the profile and a short description written by the person.

Please keep in mind that a RP is very much a matter of mood and avaibility, the wall is there to provide you with informations and opportunities, and hopefully a few nice pictures to look at. It doesn't mean someone will be available to RP just because they are online.
The pictures are small so i decided to post the non cropped, full resolution pictures here.

Let's start with the Meat.....

Then comes the cooks and chefs....

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