Saturday, January 28, 2017

I cooked the Sheriff

I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later...


  1. What a gorgeous photoset! Well done! (pun intended)
    More of this? ;)

    Professional beachbunny

    1. Thanks Michelle
      Yes more is coming.
      Just beware not being the one on the plate in the next pictures.

  2. Emilie, you are without doubt one of the most visionary and creative photographers working within the wonderful world of Second Life. I have long admired your talent and skill and hope very much that you will keep it coming. We really do appreciate it. ... Amy

  3. Our sexy sheriff in troubles, its always worthy to see it. Very nice photoset, not only photoset its art. Emilie and Cook, thank you for it, you did great job. I hope there will be more of them and not only friendly holdidng hands with cook and willingly go to spit table :)
    Also i can imagine it could take a lot of time to put it together.

  4. Absolutely amazing, Emilie! The photography is second to none, and the content is right on point! Looking forward to seeing more, both on the blog and in Stepford!

  5. really a sexy and awsome set! Great job!!

    Congratz Miley :-)

  6. Terrific. Thank you for delivering us some delicious butchering photos of Emilie.

  7. Emilie: Very much enjoyed this excellent art story. The sheriff looks so delicious that I can almost smell her meat grilling. Please keep up the fine work. Thanks and best wishes. lens