Sunday, June 11, 2017

Killer Clowns from the Crawl Space

Stepford, a nice , clean, happy place, where everyone seems open and welcoming..
But do you know what happens underground ?
There are a lot of strange places to explore, some nice and peaceful, some of them are dark and gloomy.
This is what happens when you get too confident...


  1. Once again it's nice to see our town sheriff, stripped naked and thoroughly used! and Who is this sexy redheaded piece of meat dangling below?

    Daddy Jim

  2. Always thrilling to see Stepford's Dynamic Duo in a perilous situation!

  3. Absolutely SPLENDID shoot! If it wasn't for the amount of lag I frequently suffer in Stepford, I'd love to participate in some of the lovely fun and games that go on there!

    1. Lag is always relative. Too bad you experience it - but with a system meeting good specs for SL (which are agreeably higher than some others) then there is no more lag in Stepford than anywhere else of a similar quality. Glad to see all those that regularly come and enjoy RP on systems that can experience all Stepford has to offer.

  4. Yummy. I always love it when I see Emilie receiving it.